Why Businesses in New York City Need to Start Leveraging Press Releases in 2023

Learn how businesses in New York can use press releases to get ahead of the completion in 2023.

4/4/20232 min read


With New York City home to an estimated 220,000 small businesses, it can be difficult to stand out. From real estate businesses in Brooklyn to plumbing businesses in Manhattan, companies are looking at new channels to market their services in the greatest city on earth. One channel that surprisingly stays under the radar most of the time is press releases. Learn how small businesses can leverage press releases to create brand awareness and close more leads.

Announce Your Opening

If a business is opening its operations for the first time, they need to announce it to the public. If no one knows about your dental clinic in Staten Island, NY, then you can't complain when you sit idle on the premises all day long. A good PR agency in New York can help announce your grand opening to the public and share information about your business, including your location, as well as your unique value proposition.

Share Your Company's Accomplishments

If you have a business in New York that has been in operation for some time, then there's a high probability you are one of the best in the game and win awards every once in a while. Don’t be shy to talk about them as reminding your target audience about your achievements can help boost your credibility. This is a skill that fellow New Yorker's like Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg excel at and it did wonders for their career. When you work with an experienced press release writer, they shine a light on your company’s achievements which not only gets you the recognition you deserve but also boosts the morale of your employees.

They also help with sharing information about events you participated in for instance realtors in New York can get in touch with community members by taking part in charity events and sharing the news with the public.

Highlight New Products or Services

Businesses in the tech space continuously evolve. For instance, a digital marketing agency in New York can add new service offerings to their portfolio. They can use press releases to announce the new additions and showcase how they are now able to solve a greater number of problems for their customers.

Become an Industry Leader in New York

New Yorker's are always on the lookout to support local businesses. Your PR Guy helps you get the word out at a fraction of the cost of a conventional PR agency. Stick with us for a year, and ill help you get recognized as the industry leader in Staten Island or even the entire New York City area. This PR guy researches to deliver insights, and perspectives you hold dear to your target audience with press releases.

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