The Art of PR Strategy: Lessons in PR for Businesses from Basketball and Boxing

Learn how PR pros use lessons from boxing and basketball to work PR miracles for businesses across the globe.

5/21/20233 min read

A basketball being dunked through a net
A basketball being dunked through a net

While competitive sports such as basketball and boxing may seem worlds apart from the world of public relations (PR), several intriguing parallels can be drawn. As a PR professional, who absolutely adores sports such as boxing, soccer, and MMA, I thought I should share my two cents on how I apply the lessons and inspirations on the court to every possible aspect of PR campaigns for my clients in diverse industries such as real estate, events, and tech startups.

Making a Winning Game Plan

In sports such as basketball, a team must do an in-depth analysis of their opponent's strengths and weaknesses to devise the right tactics to defeat them. For instance, in the current conference finals in 2023 between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers, while the Lakers have King LeBron James, they are still struggling in the finals because of the Nuggets exploiting their weaknesses. Other team members such as Russell and Beasley are not as strong defensively. Moreover, with Jamal Murray being in the form of his life, Vanderbilt is having a very hard time scoring which creates more pressure for LeBron.

As a PR professional, whenever I'm working with a client, I put in the time to understand their target audience, competitors as well as their strengths and weaknesses before starting to create campaigns. This ensures no competitor can exploit my client's weak points and the PR campaign plays to their strengths and are a slam dunk with their intended audience

Building a Strong Team

In boxing, having the right back-end support is crucial for success. A boxer can only be confident in their training prep if they have the perfect team helping out behind the scenes. That is why they pay top dollar to specialists such as chefs, cardio trainers, sparring partners, boxing coaches, and strength coaches. Businesses that try to do everything themselves, end up making a mess of it and even not doing well with their core competencies. This is why exploring new channels of improvement and hiring public relations specialists is crucial for success in public relations management and press release distribution.

The Power of Storytelling

People love games like basketball and boxing because of their ability to captivate audiences through compelling narratives. Everyone loves a good underdog story and how people rise through their challenges and trauma in pursuit of greatness. That is why movies such as Rocky and coach carter have become all-time classics. PR practitioners such as myself leverage these frameworks to create authentic and compelling stories that help business owners open up to their target audience on an emotional level. This is why love my job as I help entrepreneurs on a very tight budget go up against juggernauts and defy the odds to beat them at the media game. I love to go up against the best PR agencies in the world and scrap it out to help my clients win. Their reward creates a genuine connection with their brand or cause.

Crisis Management

Just like NBA players or boxers are often faced with unexpected challenges during a contest, businesses often face similar problems. In both sports and businesses, the ability to adapt to unpredictable situations is crucial. As a PR strategist when my clients are under duress, it's my job to calm them down and help them respond to crises.

Great players of our time such as Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant were known to think quickly and take decisive action in times when other teams were putting on an onslaught. They knew how to weather the storm, mitigate damage and get their team to win. Just like them, I take pride in helping my clients adjust their strategies based on whatever unforeseen circumstances come their way. The willingness to pivot and embrace new opportunities in the face of crises is critical in PR and business.

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