Comprehensive PR Services

From planning a world class PR strategy to writing the perfect press release and pitching to the media, Your PR Guy is here to upgrade your PR strategy forever. Have worked for hundreds of clients in diverse industries and geographies and understand all kinds of business models and target markets.

Full Fledged PR Guy

As Your PR Guy, I will work with you to identify how we can scale your reputation and develop positive synergies. You can always rely on your very own lean Swiss army knife PR agency.

Services Include

• Strategic Press release writing ( 5 PRs of 500 words each)

• Media Pitching with manually created lists that you can access as well
• Crises management content available on demand as well as bonus press releases to help brands navigate any crises that God forbids comes their way

• One 500 -800 word guest post to pitch to authoritative sites with high domain authority to help get a good back link for your site

•Helping entrepreneurs answer press inquiries regarding any issue,

•Brainstorming and creating a media plan about initiatives to help get traction including reaching out for influencer collaborations and speaking opportunities at networking events and podcasts

•3 short press releases a month for Internal news releases in the company ( Optional)

•External distribution on behalf of the company on free press release distribution sites.

•Guaranteed coverage on media sites requires paid add-ons as platforms charge fees

• Social media content posts to help you leverage your press release on social networks

Paid Add-Ons:

•Paid Distribution at no hidden commissions to me for guaranteed coverage. Ill share options with you so you can get them distributed yourself or have me do it at no cost of service after you transfer the money to me so I can ill handle it on your behalf.

•Press Release Distribution to 100-500+ Sites Including Digital Journal, Google News, Yahoo, FOX, CBC, NBC, and other affiliates.


Minus paid distribution - it costs your company just $ 499 dollars a month to have me as Your PR Guy


With me there aren't any complicated procedures. Expect fast replies on any medium of contact we choose to have including WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype etc.

Fast and seamless onboarding and payment process

Single Press Release Writing

For startups and companies not prepared to hire a dedicated PR manager, they still can take advantage of a pay as you go model to get started with PR marketing. Get a 500 word press release for just $30 in 24-36 hours.

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From helping startups improve their crowd funding to assisting realtors build a brand in the community to get more leads.

As Your PR Guy, I will work hard to get you results that matter.

I will help you build your multi million dollar brand with reliable PR services you can always count on.

Press Fast Forward with Your PR Guy today.